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to install the same program MultiSet Unattended Installer is a representative of those precious kinds of software that can save huge amount of time by "automating all worth automation".
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Manage Workflow and Improve Productivity with LeaderTask Company Management

For immediate release

March 24, 2009

Contact: Ivan Abramovsky
Company: Almeza Company

Manage Workflow and Improve Productivity with LeaderTask Company Management

CRM Company Management

Almeza Company has announced LeaderTask Company Management 6.4, a smart solution for managing employees, projects, processes, company documents and relations with clients. Designed to facilitate and streamline workflow, the system offers essential tools for managing task assignments, scheduling appointments, tracking project status, evaluating employee's efficiency and many more.

Workflow management is vital for business - and extremely time-consuming; besides, it is not easy always to keep in mind what work is coming due and who is responsible for it. To save time and effort, LeaderTask Company Management has been developed. The system provides advanced workflow management capabilities, storing the information on all tasks, projects and appointments and delivering it in the convenient form. The software doesn't require a server and works via Internet or LAN.

This is how it works: a manager creates a task and assigns it to an employee who then receives the task. The task can be managed further, for instance divided into subtasks and delegated to another LeaderTask user. Manager monitors the process and discusses the details in a built-in text chat if necessary.

LeaderTask provides each user with organizer and can serve as a task planner, personal information manager, calendar, project manager and contact manager, allowing to add tasks, contacts, notes, links, projects and categories.

Enterprise automation.
MultiSet stably runs on any type of Windows operating system.

Windows installation and software configuration is a long and laborious process. The crisis requires not only organizational measures, but also reduced expenses. Any enterprise has quite a few computers with installed software on them. The software is being constantly updated, new programs appear and they have to be installed on all computers. Let us take a typical example.

An enterprise has 20-30 computers, new software has been bought, old software has been updated. The system administrator goes the route of computers doing routine operations installing, configuring, updating software. Computers are located in different buildings, it takes time to round them all. Manual installation often results in errors (human factor). As a result, the employee spends a lot of time and nerves while the organization wastes money due to low efficiency. How to avoid it?

MultiSet create an operating system tailored for your own specific needs!
When the time comes to reinstall your Windows XP, most people try to put this off for as long as possible. After all, not only do you need to backup your data, format the system drive and install the operating system, but also to configure it and install the necessary software, enter serial keys, tweak the system here and there… This may take up to a day or even more, which is way too much, especially when you need to restore the system from ground up as soon as possible. The situation gets even worse if you are a system administrator or work for a technical support department – in this case, the speed of OS reinstallation becomes the crucial factor affecting your clients' satisfaction and your wages. If you dream about being able to create preconfigured Windows XP distributives that include software and everything you need to start working right after installation, MultiSet is a dream come true!

MultiSet is an extremely helpful product that will enable you to install Windows along with the necessary software. It can be used to create a bootable disk that will install Windows, the latest service packs, device drivers, video and audio codecs, players and any other software that you need, configure system and software settings – all this in a single process. With MultiSet, you can launch the installation process and go watch a football game – the software will make sure that when you come back, you'll have a brand-new Windows installation waiting for you!

MultiSet saves impressive amount of time both for regular users and those of us who deal with client system crashes on a regular basis. Just create a Windows distributive you need and use it whenever you need to restore, fix or install your system. Now this has become a reality with MultiSet – affordable, invaluably useful and easy-to-use software that will make Windows XP installation a task anyone can cope with!
LeaderTask Business Organizer

business organizer

The program will help you organize your cooperation with all types of contacts in a convenient form: clients, employees, customers, partners.

System for quick company management
Planning the work of managers LeaderCommand is a program for managing the activity of a group of people – both small teems and large organizations.

The LeaderCommand system helps the head of a company quickly get information about the current state of affairs regarding projects, tasks, employees.  

Main features:

Team cooperation : each LeaderCommand user can:
  • delegate a task to another LeaderCommand user
  • have a clear view of all delegated tasks
  • to receive a delegated task from other users
  • have a clear view of all tasks delegated to him
  • have his own tasks, contacts, notes, links, projects, categories, other users cannot view personal data.
  • exchange messages, notes, links, documents, contacts, files with other team members via the internal information exchange system.
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