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to install the same program MultiSet Unattended Installer is a representative of those precious kinds of software that can save huge amount of time by "automating all worth automation".

The software, as you can guess from its name, works in the area of software installation. There are many cases, when you need to install the same program with the same configuration again and again (for example, if you are experimenting and reinstalling your OS, or administering a network of similar workstations). In the majority of such cases, you also need to reinstall a huge bunch of software on top of that, and that be a real pain (try to press "Next" 60 times and not scream!)

MultiSet records all your
actions What MultiSet does, is exactly what all computers should be strong in: You install all your usual software, and MultiSet records all your actions. That's all - all of the actions can now be repeated automatically, making all your software installed again! You can run those "unattended installation database" again and again, and you need really no clicks to have dozens of programs installed! But take it further: MultiSet able to store those "super-installer" (alongside with all software packages used) onto any media, like USB flash or CD/DVD disk, so you can run the unattended installation process on virtually any other computer. Also, an unattended install can be performed on a set of network computers from a single network disk.
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