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Automate system deployment and create bootable unattended installation disks
The automatic installation of Windows XP is a very interesting process that can save administrators a lot of time, especially if it is installed on several computers. When you use this method, WindowsXP does not ask users to enter any information (Fully Unattended) and it is installed automatically for less than 30 minutes. Moreover, it is quite possible to run several commands (files, programs) that will be executed during the process of WindowsXP installation. It can save the time necessary for the separate installation of various software and OS configuration. To perform such installation, you should use the Almeza MultiSet program that allows you to automate the entire process.

Q: What tasks does your program solve?

A: First of all, Almeza MultiSet has been developed to solve the task of the automatic installation of Windows together with a set of necessary software. MultiSet can create a bootable installation disk that automatically installs Windows, service packs, necessary drivers and any other software (video codecs, file managers, players... anything) plus it can configure all software and tune Windows (all custom settings in the operating system)

Q: What are the main features of the program?

A: 1) Automatic Windows installation
2) Automatic installation of any software
3) Creating a bootable disk for automatic Windows and software installation
4) Automatically restoring software settings and tuning Windows
5) Remote automatic installation. For example, it is possible to automatically install software via the local area network.
We should also mention the features of the program that won it users' admiration:
- Convenient Wizards. Automatic installation disks are created with the help of convenient wizards.
- Ease of use. The program does not require any special knowledge (i.e. it has no special script language, complicated settings), everything is as easy as possible.
- Processing all installation procedures correctly: restarting the computer during automatic installation, entering registration keys, entering usernames and other parameters; processing nonstandard exception situations in an adequate manner.

Q: And what unique features does the program have?

A: - Ease of creating an automatic installation disk. Minimum time is required to get the disk ready.
- Unique algorithm. The unique algorithm makes automatic installation as fast as possible.
- Creating the automatic Windows installation disk and installing service packs, drivers, registry keys and any other software right after that. It is also possible to enable automatic configuration for software and Windows.

Q: What benefits do your users get?

A: First of all, some statistics. Let's calculate: Windows installation + driver installation + service packs + necessary software + restoring old software settings + general OS configuration - on average, an experienced system administrator spends more than 200 hours a year on all that (25 8-hour business days); a regular user spends more than 90 hours a year (11 8-hour business days). Almeza MultiSet needs not more than 45 minutes to install Windows and necessary software. At the same time, human attendance is not required because installation is fully automatic. All in all, Almeza MultiSet will save more than 20 business days a year for a system administrator and more than 11 days a year for a regular user.

Second, Almeza MultiSet creates bootable disks for the automatic installation of Windows and a set of necessary software, drivers, service packs. This disk can be used to reanimate the computer. MultiSet is a turnkey solution = insert the disk and the new operating system, drivers, service packs and any other necessary software will be installed on the computer and you can configure the operating system and the software at once.

And third, Almeza MultiSet restores the system without losing the current data! Unlike in case of cloning image disks.

Q: Who are your customers, what is the target group of your product?

A: Our users are people who value and save their time, people who are used to giving routine work to computers. By automating the process of restoring and configuring the computer, MultiSet helps our customers save time. Mostly, our customers are:
- administrators (system administrator, network administrators)
- computer first aid services
- customer technical support services
- individual users
- educational institutions (schools, colleges, universities)
- companies possessing a large number of computers.

Q: How is the product doing at the moment?

A: Currently, thousands of people use Almeza MultiSet in more than 60 countries: the USA, Canada, Russia, the Netherlands, Austria, Argentine, Belgium, Turkey, Great Britain, Hong Kong, Germany, Switzerland, Jordan... The product is being constantly developed and improved, we extensively cooperate with our users and it allows us to know their needs. At the moment we are working on the next version of the program where we will implement new features and fix existing drawbacks.

Thank you for the interview!
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