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Intel Corporation


As a systems administrator I needed a program to automate my unattended Windows and applications installations to save time. I have tried nearly every macro based script recorder available...
Automate system deployment and create bootable unattended installation disks with Almeza MultiSet.

MultiSet has a special Wizard which will help you quickly create unattended installation disks.

main dialog: windows installer


The Wizard enables you to create unattended installation disks of three types.

1. Creating a disk of unattended software installation.

2. Creating a disk of unattended Windows installation.

3. Creating a disk of unattended Windows as well as software installation.

The Wizard prepares software and Windows for unattended installation.
The information for unattended installation is stored in the special folder. You can copy the contents of this folder to any media (i.e. CD/DVD/Flash/Hard Drive) and just insert the created disk into your PC to install the software you want!
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