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Fast, 100% Reliable Automatic Unattended Installation

Fast, 100% Reliable Automatic Unattended Installation to Save Your Time and Nerves!

Install Windows OS and any additional software once, create an installation CD/DVD/Flash Drive and never spend more than a minute of your time on installing this package in future

Almeza Company announces the release of Almeza MultiSet, version 4.0, well-known and highly acclaimed automatic installing software that has already saved many years worth of time to thousands of system administrators and ordinary users around the world. Almeza MultiSet is a simple and most convenient solution for anyone who has to repeatedly install Windows OS and/or different applications on one computer or simultaneously on several computers. Now, with a new unique algorithm applied, unattended installation provided by Almeza MultiSet has become even more robust and at least 2 times faster.

For immediate release

June 9, 2007

Contact: Alex Abramovsky
Company: Almeza Company
Title: Press manager
E-mail: press@almeza.com

?When you are dealing with installation it is already pretty unnerving to push all those ?Next? buttons, enter registration codes, etc. Multiply it by a network of computers and automation will become the sweetest of your dreams,? says Alex Abramovsky, the press manager at Almeza Company. ?Almeza MultiSet simply makes this dream come true. A Windows installation disk that will automatically install the system without asking questions about username, product key, time and locale settings? Your favorite applications automatically installed, the necessary keys entered into the registry, drivers updated, new patches (service packs) from Microsoft installed? It sounds like a miracle but that?s exactly what Almeza MultiSet lets you do.?

The way Almeza MultiSet functions comes down to saving the operations of the user and reproducing all operations automatically later. Almeza MultiSet lets you rebuild your system up to your customary settings, install drivers, service packs and additional software in mere 45 minutes. Simply insert the media (CD, DVD, Flash Drive) with a previously created software database into your computer and you are free to go and spend all the time that the installation will take absolutely as you like. Almeza MultiSet will take care of the whole process. Installation over a network from one source computer takes some preparation but at the end of the day appears to be even more time-saving.

Almeza MultiSet lets you install separate programs from previously created software database or the whole package in batch mode. Application installation is not based on time, but on the state of the buttons in the install window, which means the scripts will work on any computer regardless of its speed. The program interface is nice, clean and easy to use. All in all, Almeza MultiSet is an absolute treasure for those who hate wasting time as it makes it really easy to automatically install the programs you need in any location and as many times as you like.

Almeza MultiSet Benefits at a Glance:
? Easy and clear interface
? Fully automatic software installation
? Full optimization of program installation
? Easy creation of your own bootable installation/system disk (CD/DVD)
? No need to change disks and flash drives during installation
? No need to write a string of script
? Simple creation of automatic installation packages
? Support for 25 languages

Pricing and Availability
Almeza MultiSet Unattended Installation runs under Windows 98, ME, 2000, XP, 2003 Server and costs $45.95 (US) for Home License with a progressive discount depending on the number of licenses you purchase. For other types of licenses, please refer to www.almeza.com/content/view/17/30/. Licensed users are entitled to free technical support. Additional information on Almeza MultiSet Unattended Installation, as well as its 30-day trial version is available at www.almeza.com.

About Almeza Company
Founded in 2005, Almeza Company is an information technology company, developing software for Windows OS. Their premier product, Almeza MultiSet, received a string of awards and is adopted by many home and corporate users worldwide. For more information, please visit www.almeza.com.


Product page URL: http://www.almeza.com/
Download link: http://www.almeza.com/download/multiset.exe
E-mail: press@almeza.com

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