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Advanced featured of Unattended Installation

Almeza MultiSet features:installing software during windows install

  • Unattended Installation Software
  • Unattended Installation Windows
  • Rebuild Windows without losing data or reinstalling software
  • Create a bootable unattended installation CD
    The bootable automatic installation CD contains ALL necessary information, such as
    • full software distribution packages,
    • registration information
    • software registration key
  • Automatic setup is much faster than manual installation.
  • Automatic installation does not require anyone to be around, i.e. you can spend this time on your needs.
  • You can use this bootable unattended installation CD/DVD/Flash to automatically install software on any number of computers. Usually, the unattended installation disk is started right after installing the operating system.
  • It is possible to perform unattended installation both from the disk and via the local area network.
  • Script Editor for unattended installations packages
  • Applications are installed in a strictly defined order.
  • Unlike copying a disk image, packages can be installed anywhere and any number of times without losing the current data on the PC.
  • Windows Vista Compatible!

Automate system deployment and create bootable unattended installation disks with Almeza MultiSet.

MultiSet automates installation of any version of Windows, complete with all the latest service packs, patches and security updates.
Almeza MultiSet is created to free you from routine work such as program installations. All you have to do is to install the application only once on your master PC and MultiSet will record all your actions. By using MultiSet , you will not have to write a single line of code or script! MultiSet will install all the applications you need automatically, either on your original computer or on a new one, it's ideal for rebuilding your systems quickly!
Are you a system administrator, and need to upgrade your company's computers to Windows Vista or Windows XP? Have you no time to develop, test and debug unattended installation scripts that come with Windows resource kit? Don't want to answer the same setup questions on multiple computers? Look no further! MultiSet automates the installation of any version of Windows, complete with all the latest service packs, patches and security updates. You will only have to answer setup questions once. Installing Windows is a time-consuming task, but configuring and updating the system with the latest service packs and security patches seems endless when you have to do it on not one, but on many PCs. Forget about this hassle! MultiSet allows you to create disks that integrate all the latest system updates, and install a pre-configured, ready-to-use operating system to all computers in your organization.

MultiSet for companies who are engaged in serving their customers (private persons or companies) regarding solving computer-related tasks. I.e. your company is engaged in anything like this:

  • Rebuild any version of Windows
  • Install and remove applications
  • Setup new PCs and transfer data from your old PC
  • Build entire systems from scratch
  • Remove antispyware programs
  • Replace faulty components
  • Optimise and improve PC performance
  • Troubleshoot faulty systems
this software is for you.
If you are installing Windows on a number of workstations, chances are that these workstation users require the same applications for their work, probably Microsoft Office or Adobe Acrobat Reader. MultiSet will save weeks of monotonous work by installing and configuring all the required applications completely unattended. No need to click on pop-up dialogs, enter lengthy serial numbers or specify where exactly you'd like to install the product.

Unlike the competition, MultiSet does not require you to learn cryptic languages to create an installation script. Convenient, simple graphical wizards will walk you through the entire process. As a result, it creates a bootable CD or DVD that installs a pre-configured operating system complete with all the necessary Microsoft and third-party applications completely unattended.
MultiSet is

  • an automatic application installer!
  • able to reduce time to install programs by up to 90% time economy up to 90%
  • an intuitively understandable system
  • simplicity itself, maximum convenience (no code, no scripts)
  • an essential administrator assistant
  • able to quickly reinstall programs
  • quick programs installation
  • great value for money!

Unattended Installation Anywhere!

Creating your own unattended installation/bootable discs (CD/DVD). Creating your own CD/DVD software collections using MultiSet. These disks can be used many times for quick automatic programs installation. Your programs cataloging. With MultiSet you will be able to create your own CD/DVD software collections with auto installation ability. These disks can be used many times for quick automatic programs installation. Almeza MultiSet can make a handy and easy-to-use software database. You will be able to easily manage your distributives together with their installation packages.
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Almeza MultiSet will:

  • Run the installation program
  • Click the necessary buttons such as "Next", "I Agree...", "Finish", etc.
  • Specify a destination folder for the application
  • Specify the necessary values during the installation
  • Enter the registration information (the key, user name, etc.) if necessary
  • Mimic all your actions but much faster!

Automate system deployment and create bootable unattended installation disks

Target group:
• Network administrators;
• Internet administrators (webmasters);
• Software administrators;
• Unix, Linux, Windows, eComStation, OS/2 and Lotus Notes administrators;
• Database administrators
• Voice mail administrators;
• Trading systems administrators;
• MS Exchange administrators;
• IT-departments managers;


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