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System for quick company management
Planning the work of managers LeaderCommand is a program for managing the activity of a group of people – both small teems and large organizations.

The LeaderCommand system helps the head of a company quickly get information about the current state of affairs regarding projects, tasks, employees.  

Main features:

Team cooperation : each LeaderCommand user can:
  • delegate a task to another LeaderCommand user
  • have a clear view of all delegated tasks
  • to receive a delegated task from other users
  • have a clear view of all tasks delegated to him
  • have his own tasks, contacts, notes, links, projects, categories, other users cannot view personal data.
  • exchange messages, notes, links, documents, contacts, files with other team members via the internal information exchange system.

LeaderCommand allows a head to:

  • Manage projects and control their progress in real time.
  • Clearly formulate what employees must do: assign the responsible person, specify terms, priorities, attitude to projects, categories.
  • Monitor all tasks delegated to employees: what tasks are in progress, at what stage they are, how resources are being used.
  • Monitor the workload is distributed among the company's staff
  • Evaluate the efficiency of each employee.
  • Analyze employees' workload . (display employees' workload on diagrams)
  • Have a comprehensive view of the company's current affairs, even the duration of personal attendance.
  • Receive regular reports how employees work on projects and tasks.

LeaderCommand allows an employee to:managing the activity of a group of people
  • Have a clear view of tasks delegated to him: who delegated them, their terms and priorities.
  • Delegate tasks to other team members
  • Monitor all delegated tasks in a convenient way

LeaderCommand has the main features of a CRM system:

  • Storing complete information about contacts: employees, partners, clients, suppliers…
  • Keeping the history of communication with contacts of any types: clients, employees, partners…
  • Keeping the complete history of tasks, projects, messages, employees.
  • Managing documents by clients, projects, time, priority.
  • Replacing paper workflow from managers
  • Planning the work of managers — a system of tasks
  • A manager can better plan the strategy and tactics of working with particular customers
  • The head of a company has a clear view of each department's and each employee's efficiency and can evaluate the company's overall activities.
  • The head of a company can evaluate the effectiveness of marketing and advertising campaigns more precisely.
  • LeaderCommand can serve as a Manager's Automated Workplace (MAW)


1.    Neither a server nor any additional configuration is required. To organize team management, it is enough just to install LeaderCommand on team members' computers connected to the local area network. LeaderCommand will automatically detect team members over the network.
2.    LeaderCommand can run in the local and network mode. In the local mode, LeaderCommand is used as your personal organizer and project manager.
3.    The number of members on the LeaderCommand network is unlimited.
4.    You can connect new members to the LeaderCommand network at any time.

LeaderCommand can increase the efficiency of both your employees and the company as a whole.
LeaderCommand is an effective solution for managing an enterprise.

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