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Controlling the installation of software products in an enterprise
On the market there are a lot of products that help users install and reinstall their operating systems and software. First of all, this software includes backup systems, software for creating images with operating systems and software, the systems for creating installation scripts manually. Why is MultiSet from the Almeza company different from this software?

1. Installing software on already exiting systems.

Every enterprise has a quite large number of computers with a lot of software installed on them. But if the enterprise buys new computers, they often have an operating system already installed on them. It is impossible to use backups and images with operating systems and software in this case. MultiSet can install software on already existing systems as fast as possible.

2. Automatically creating installation scripts.

Unlike in case of manual script creation systems, the user who uses Almeza MultiSet does not have to write a script. MultiSet generates it automatically. The software works as a recording device. It is enough to install an application just once while MultiSet is running in the record mode. MultiSet will remember all actions and generate an automatic installation script after the installation is over. If necessary, it is possible to edit the script. The advantages are that no special knowledge is required and no special training in some particular scripting language is necessary for the staff.

3. Creating a software installation set for remote installation.

With MultiSet, it is very easy to create a software set that can be installed over the network. If the enterprise owns several buildings or is geographically distributed, the advantages of remote installation are obvious. First, there is no need to be present in all buildings in person. Second, there is no need to have an additional employee in a remote office or building.

4. Creating a disk for automatic installation of the operating system and software.

You can use Almeza MultiSet to create automatic operating system and software installation disks of various types.

a. Automatic software installation disk
b. Automatic Windows installation disk
c. Automatic Windows and software installation disk.

5. Quickly recovering employees' workplaces.

Employees working for a company are often specialists in their fields, but they are not competent in the IT field. So computers may suffer careless use, a virus attack or a system failure. With MultiSet, it is possible to quickly recover the workplace of an accountant, a manager or a secretary.

With the above advantages of MutiSet, you will save a considerable amount of time and money!

Download the 30-day free version of the program: http://www.almeza.com/download/multiset.exe

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