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I have been using the previous version (6.5) and it has really save me a lot of time. I do new computer setups for my clients with about 30 free programs.
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Enterprise automation.
MultiSet stably runs on any type of Windows operating system.

Windows installation and software configuration is a long and laborious process. The crisis requires not only organizational measures, but also reduced expenses. Any enterprise has quite a few computers with installed software on them. The software is being constantly updated, new programs appear and they have to be installed on all computers. Let us take a typical example.

An enterprise has 20-30 computers, new software has been bought, old software has been updated. The system administrator goes the route of computers doing routine operations installing, configuring, updating software. Computers are located in different buildings, it takes time to round them all. Manual installation often results in errors (human factor). As a result, the employee spends a lot of time and nerves while the organization wastes money due to low efficiency. How to avoid it?

The solution is to use the automatic Windows and software installer Almeza MultiSet. This automation software precisely reproduces actions without human participation.

Why particularly Almeza MultiSet?

Reliability. MultiSet stably runs on any type of Windows operating system.

Quickness. Due to its innovational algorithm, MultiSet performs its functions fast, exactly and, which is most important, reliably.

Effectiveness. Banks, government organizations, customer support services, large corporations already use MultiSet, which proves the actual usefulness of MultiSet in practice.

As a result of using the program, the organization does not need to hire more specialists thus saving time and money: The employee's efficiency increases and it is possible to focus on solving pressing issues. The system administrator easily installs software on remote computers using his own workstation. The specialist's time and health is saved.

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