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As a systems administrator I needed a program to automate my unattended Windows and applications installations to save time. I have tried nearly every macro based script recorder available...
Creating a bootable USB Flash Drive with Windows and applications

You can use Almeza MultiSet to create a bootable USB Flash Drive with Windows and software installation. To do it, click the ‘Create USB Flash Drive’ button on the toolbar. The wizard will appear on the screen. 

Wizard Main Window 

Step 1.

Click on second button in wizard. You will see 'Step 1'. Select OS. Select 'Automatic installation' option.

Step 1

Click 'Next' button.

Step 2. 

Copy your original CD/DVD with Windows on the hard drive. For, example into the folder 'C:\Soft\Win'. Select the folder with Windows installation kit on 'Step 2'. Warning! Do not select folder with work Windows(C:\Windows). Select folder with Universal Multiset.

Step 2

Click 'Next' button.

Step 3.

Enter your registration data. 

Step 3

Click 'Next' button.

Step 4.

Step 3 

Select USB Flash Drive and press 'Start' button.  

 Step 3


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