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Welcome to Almeza MultiSet Affiliate Program!

The Almeza Affiliate Program provides companies and individuals the ability to earn generous commissions for selling our leading products: Almeza Multiset, Captain Tray Pro, Leadertask. The Almeza Affiliate Program is free, reliable, extremely easy to use, and an account can be setup in minutes!

Almeza Research offers affiliates generous 50% commission on our popular software products!

Follow these three simple steps to begin earning your commissions now:

  • Sign-Up
    Our affiliate technology provider manages affiliate relationships. By signing up with the Almeza Affiliate Program, you will become a member of the RegNow affiliate network.

    Our vendor RegNow account ID is 13741
    Click Here to sign up now!

  • Promote Our Products
    Upon receiving your new affiliate account, log-in and search for the Almeza products you wish to promote. Request an affiliate relationship, view our generous commission rates and browse our affiliate marketing materials for use on your site.

  • Start Earning Commissions
    You will be paid automatically every month for commissions youíve earned. Itís really that simple and the best part is that you will be promoting software applications already enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of users worldwide! Sign up today to take full advantage of this revenue boosting opportunity!

  • Need More Information?
    You can contact us at support@almeza.com We work with our affiliates and answer any questions they may have!

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