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Frequently Asked Questions

I want to install a program, a plug-in for this program and a localization file. How do I do it?

In this case the installation order is important. You must specify the packages turn. For this, use the arrows buttons on the control panel. Different variants of packages installation order are specified in the MultiSet settings on the ‘Installation’ tab.

What file types MultiSet is able to execute?

At present you can execute files of the following types
  • exe
  • msi
  • cpl
  • reg

I need to register a program by running a .reg file. Can I automate it?

Yes, sure. Select ‘New package’ and choose the necessary .reg file.

Some applications such as DirectX automatically restart the computer without user’s confirmation. Can I create automatic installations for such applications?

Yes, you can. If MultiSet runs the program, it controls computer restarts as well. And even if you forget to clear the ‘Restart your computer now’ check box, nothing will happen. The installation will be successfully completed and you will be able to stop the recording by clicking the corresponding button.

The installation is not responding when you enter the registration code. In this case MultiSet inserts the registration code into a button or even into the application header. What should I do for the code to be inserted into the proper location?

Before inserting the code into the necessary window set a focus on this window by clicking it. Then click ‘Pause’, enter the registration code into the MultiSet window and click ‘Insert’. MultiSet will itself insert the code into the specified place.

In my work I use different software for automatic programs installation. I want to automate installations of some applications with the help of MultiSet. Can I use MultiSet without GUI?

Yes, you can. Almeza MultiSet can work both as a fully autonomous environment to automate applications installations, and as a separate module in this or that system. For this MultiSet uses the command prompt. You can specify the installation package in the command prompt parameters, and MultiSet will install the necessary application and finish its work at once. For example, “multiset officesetup.mst”.

I noticed that MultiSet can change the screen resolution. Is there any chance that this can damage the user’s display which fails to support the necessary resolution?

No, it can’t. MultiSet saves the resolution when it records the installation. Then it restores the necessary resolution when you playback the installation. Meanwhile MultiSet checks whether the display supports this resolution. If it doesn’t, MultiSet will notify you about it.

Why are mouse movements and wheel scrolling not recorded?

Mouse movements and wheel scrolling are recorded. But for this you should left-click the necessary window.

How do I create a disc with automatic programs installations?

Follow the link to create a disc with automatic programs installations.

Does MultiSet support other languages besides English?

Yes, it does. At the moment the program interface is translated into eleven languages (English, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Korean, Bulgarian, Spanish, German, Polish, French, and Slavonic).

How do I automate files copying?

If you want to copy the files do the following. Create a self-extracting archive with the necessary files and folders using a special program (e.g., WinZip, WinRAR). As a result you will get a single executable file. Then create the package in the usual way.

What does the red disc stand for in the package icon?

When creating packages list MultiSet checks the path to the executable file. If it doesn’t find it a red disk icon will appear near the package name.

How can I set the order of programs installation?

For this, use the arrows buttons on the control panel. Different variants of packages installation order are specified in the MultiSet settings on the ‘Installation’ tab.

I have to enter a long registration key during the installation. It is hard to avoid mistakes when typing it. What can I do to automate the process?

If during the installation you have to specify the destination folder different from the installer's one or you have to enter a long registration key, do the following. Set the focus to the editing window (in which you want to enter the data). Then press the 'Break' key and select the 'Insert' item in the appeared dialog. Insert the proper text into the editing window in any way.

During the automatic installation process the program stops at the destination folder choice. How can I solve this problem?

When you have to choose the destination folder during the installation process don't use the 'Choose folder' button in the program itself. To solve this problem set the focus to the destination folder path field and press the 'Break' key. In the appeared dialog select the 'Insert' item and choose the destination folder by clicking the 'Choose folder' button. Click the 'OK' button. MultiSet will insert the destination path to the proper editing window itself.

How can I stop the automatic program installation?

If you want to stop the automatic program installation just press the 'Break' key.

When trying to install the program I see the message 'exe-file not found' in the log window. What should I do?

Select the proper program in the packages list and right-click it to open the popup menu. Select the 'Properties' item. You will see the 'Executable file' field in the appeared dialog. On the right you will see the button to choose the executable file.

Under what operating systems does the program work?

  • Windows 98
  • Windows ME
  • Windows XP Home Edition
  • Windows XP Professional
  • Windows 2003 Server
  • Windows Vista

How can I purchase the program?

Follow this link.

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