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to install the same program MultiSet Unattended Installer is a representative of those precious kinds of software that can save huge amount of time by "automating all worth automation".
Auto setup: Express-guide-2

Automatic program installation.

Step 1.

Run MultiSet. The main program window will be opened.

auto install software

Step 2.

In the category tree select the one containing the necessary program. In the packages list select the necessary application and right-click it. Select the 'Install' item on the menu.

installation wizard software

The main window will be closed and the playback information panel will appear at the screen top.

reinstall software on a pc

The proper application will be installed automatically without your participation.


Click the 'Pause' button on the record panel in case the installation is not responding and analyze the installation log. The reason may be that during the package recording you clicked the mouse or pressed a key in the wrong window accidentally. In this case create a new package for this application.
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