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Ease installation and repetitive tasks with this useful file-management utility, but be aware this demo version hinders user tests.


Create a bootable software unattended installation CD/DVD

You can use MultiSet software to create a universal disk for installing software onto a computer using any media (CD/DVD/Flash/Hard Drive).

Now you can install the programs in any location and as many times as you want - just insert the disk into the CDROM, DVDROM or FlashDrive, and MultiSet will undertake the complete installation procedure for you!!!

MultiSet benefits:

1. The disk contains ALL necessary information, such as
- full software distribution packages,
- registration information
- software registration key
2. Automatic installation is much faster than manual installation.
3. Unattended installation does not require anyone to be around, i.e. you can spend this time on your needs
4. You can use this universal disk to automatically install software on any number of computers. Usually, the automatic installation disk is started right after installing the operating system.
5. It is possible to perform automatic installation both from the disk and via the local area network.
6. Applications are installed in a strictly defined order.
7. Unlike copying a disk image, packages can be installed anywhere and any number of times without losing the current data on the PC.

You should make several simple steps to create a bootable unattended installation disk.

Step 1.

Select the 'New Universal Database' item in the main menu.

application deployment

The wizard will appear on the screen. Specify the folder where the universal database will be located. For example, 'C:\Universal MultiSet'. Click the 'Next' button.

Step 2.

Now you should select the packages you want to be included in the universal database. The path to an executable file is specified for each package. MultiSet will copy this file automatically.

automatic software installation

A distribution package often consists of several files and folders, for example, MS Office. You have to copy the entire folder with the distribution package in this case. To do it, enable the corresponding option in the list item properties.

Click the 'Next' button.

Step 3.

Click the 'Start' button to create the universal database.

configure guide install software user

The automatic installation disk has been created!

Step 4.

Now you can copy the folder specified in the first step of the wizard to any media (CD, DVD, Flash, Hard Drive).

If you insert such a disk into a CD/DVD drive or connect to the computer in case of a Flash drive or a hard drive, you will see the following dialog box on the screen.

how to reinstall software

Click 'OK' to auto install all the applications on your PC.

So, with a help of MultiSet it's very easy to create the disk "My Golden Software" which can be used many times for instant automatic software installation!

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