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MultiSet Automatic Software installer: a look from inside.

MultiSet is positioned as an automatic software installer(or unattended software installer), i.e., MultiSet Automatic Installation performs the software installation process instead of user. In this case many questions like the following ones often occur:

  • How does MultiSet do it?
  • Is this process really so easy to automate?
  • What are the advantages of automation?

This article is meant to deal with suchlike questions.

To begin with, you should know the MultiSet Automatic Installation - recording rules:

  • 1. To start the recording you should click the mouse or press a key. And to stop the recording you need to press the "Break" key or click the "Stop record" button on the "Recording control panel".
  • 2. Usually after the installation is over you are offered to open a help file (txt, html) and to launch the application. Always clear these check boxes.
  • 3. Never use the Browse... button to choose the installation path!

    auto install software

    This strict rule is caused by the fact that a user's directory tree is very often changed. Besides, if the package is not to be installed on the same PC, the directory tree will definitely be another one. Therefore the correct way is to write the installation path manually or to paste it from the clipboard, i.e. using the recording control panel (invoke it by pressing the "break" key or by clicking the "Pause" button on the panel).

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