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As a systems administrator I needed a program to automate my unattended Windows and applications installations to save time. I have tried nearly every macro based script recorder available...
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Automatic Software installer
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  • 4. Before using MultiSet you should close all the applications. This rule was created to make the installation safe from interference of any application. For example, if your organizer reminder pops up while the recording is taking place, you can close the window and resume the recording! Anyway, that's all wrong. Having done so, you will have these actions recorded by MultiSet to the automatic installation package and then, during the playback, it may cause your system's crash or other damages. So I strongly recommend you to close all the running applications during the installation recording. There is a proverb It's better to be safe than sorry, so the MultiSet's similar rule is its better to unattended install safely than to have glitches?!
  • 5. Before running the unattended installation you need to completely remove the program using its own uninstaller or the one of the Microsoft Windows. It's recommended that you record the program installation only when the application is completely removed from the computer, so that your HDD contains no program directory, neither the system register keys, nor any other data. Before another application installation rerecording you are to remove everything in full.
  • 6. Mind, that MultiSet copies all your actions while the program is being automatically installed.
  • 7. Don't be in a hurry while clicking the mouse and pressing the keys on your keyboard. Multiset needs just a few milliseconds to remember your actions. It should be observed that you shouldn't make any unnecessary mouse clicks/movements. Try to make as few movements as possible during the installation: if a dialog window has a list which you need to check, try to scroll it only once and in the same direction. I also recommend you not to use the "Back" and "About Setup" buttons because it only makes the playback more difficult.
  • 8. While inserting the long activation keys or choosing the installation path you need to move the cursor over the field and press the "Break" key. A special window will appear for you to paste the data to.
  • 9. Before the installation, make sure that you have the Administrator rights if the computer is a part of a network.
  • So, now it's time to answer the questions:

    1. How does Almeza MultiSet do it?

    The automatic software installation is achieved by a full copying of the user's actions. Moreover, the success or the failure of the following playback depends on the quality of the automatic installation package itself. To learn how to create a high-quality installation package, please read the Almeza MultiSet - recording rules  stated above.

    2. Is this process really so easy to automate?

    Yes, the process of the software installation can be easily automated by MultiSet. Now you can forget about manual software installation. Why wasting your time on boring and routine work when you can leave it to Almeza MultiSet? Instead you can set to doing something creative while Almeza MultiSet is performing the boring work for you, right?

    3. What are the advantages of automation?

    • This installation process is "natural" for the Microsoft Windows unlike a disk image copying.
    • You can install packages anywhere and as many times as you wish, without a current data loss!
    • You can create a bootable universal disk "My Golden Software" which will automatically install your favorite programs on any PC.
    • The installation package creation wizard is easy and convenient to use, no special knowledge is required!
    • The installation packages are easy to edit and update.

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