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Software Unattended Installation
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Unattended installation of software

Using computer is impossible without installing the necessary software. For the quick installation you can use the so-called "disk images", i.e. the exact copies of the physical disks. In this case you just have to copy an image to one of your computers. Of course, all current data on the disk will be lost.

And what would you do if you need to install 3 or 4 new programs on each computer, without erasing the whole system? The second way is to burn all the distributives that you need to a CD then go from one PC to another and perform some routine actions such as clicking the "Next" and "Finish" buttons, Selecting the necessary check boxes in the dialogues. It's not so hard to do if you need to install the software on 5 or less computers so, you should have enough patience to perform the same actions on each computer. And what if you need to install 30 or 40 programs on 10, 20, 50 or more computers?! Imagine that you have to install these programs on a PC where the data mustn't be erased. What would you do in this case?! In this article you will find the answers to these questions and will learn how to solve the problem of the unattended program installation!

To solve this problem we will use the special program which is called Almeza MultiSet. The unique feature of this program is the full automation of the software installation process(unattended installation)! Using this program allows you to install the software package by clicking the "Start package installation" button instead of performing the numerous routine actions. When the "unattended program installation" is over, all the necessary programs will be installed as if you installed them manually, and the installation will take less time!

Notice that you will have the double advantage of time:

  • First, it's the program, not you, which installs the software. While it is being done you may have a snack or a coffee break.
  • Secondly, the installation (the playback process) is much faster than the manual installation (if the "maximum speed" mode is set).
  • Thirdly, the installation will be performed according to your plan because the program will never "forget" to install one or another program.

That's the way the program works: at first you are to install the software manually, in other words, you should "teach" MultiSet how to install this program. In this case you don't have to write even a line of code! After that, if you want to install this program later, you just need to click the "Playback" button and MultiSet will begin the installation and will repeat all your actions performed during the program installation recording!

Let's pass on to the installation package creation.

Step 1. Preparation.

Run MultiSet.

Automate Software installation

The main window of MultiSet looks like this.

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