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Software Unattended Installation
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Step 2. Installation recording.

Now you need to add the program distributives that will be installed automatically. To do this, on the "Package" menu, click "New package ...", or click the "New package..." menu item on the control panel.

"New package" dialog box.

Automate Software installation

In the appeared window select a distributive to install. After pressing the "OK" button the distributive recording process will begin, thus the selected exe-file is being executed.

The recording starts when you click a mouse button or press a key. To stop the recording press the "Break" key or click "Stop record" on the "Recording control panel".

You need to follow a number of rules during the installation recording process:
  • Before using MultiSet you need to close all the applications.
  • Never use the "Browse..." button to choose the installation path!
  • Before running the automatic installation you need to completely remove the program using its own uninstaller or the one of the Microsoft Windows. Don't forget to delete the program folder from the hard disk if it wasn't deleted by the uninstaller.
  • While inserting the long activation keys or choosing the installation path you are to set the cursor over the input field and press the "Break" key. The special "Pause" window will appear. Insert the text from the clipboard into the input field and click "Record" to continue the recording process.
  • Usually after the installation is over you are offered to open a help file (txt, html) and to launch the application. Always clear these check boxes!
  • Before the installation make sure that you have the Administrator rights if the computer is a part of a network.

Step 3. Installation playback.

To run the saved packages you need to:

  • Select the necessary distributives in the list
  • Click the "Install" button on the control panel or press the F5 hotkey.

During the playback the "Playback information panel" will appear at the top of the screen. It is to display the current state of the MultiSet functioning.

The "Playback information panel" displays the following:
- The number of the distributive that is being installed
- The total number of the distributives to install
- The total installation time
- The name of the distributive that is being installed

Step 4. Installation disk creation.

Please read this article: Create a bootable unattended installation CD.


So, MultiSet is the program designed to record and playback the user's actions. MultiSet reduces the software installation time to the minimum. The program copies all your actions during the playback so you should be very attentive during the recording.

MultiSet will be a big help for you when you install and reinstall software again and again.

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