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MultiSet Automatic Installation - recording rules

MultiSet Automatic Installer is intended to free the users from the routine work – program installation. And at that you will not have to write a single line of code! All you have to do is to install the proper application only once and MultiSet Automatic Installation will save all your actions. Then MultiSet Automatic Installer will install all the applications you need automatically.

All you need is to follow some simple rules during the recording and applications installation processes.
  • Close all the run applications before using MultiSet Automatic Installer.

  • Remove the necessary application before performing automatic installation using the program's uninstaller or the Windows tools. Also remove the program folder in case the uninstaller hasn't done it.

  • Bear in mind that the program absolutely repeats all your actions during the automatic installation process. If you performed the installation recording on the PC with this program never installed there will be no problems during the automatic installation on this PC. If you start running the automatic application installation without removing the application from the PC, many programs display the message boxes like "The folder already exists. Do you want to overwrite it?" or offers you to Uninstall, Repair or Modify the current installation during the installation process. It is evident that MultiSet doesn't know what to do in this situation and the automatic installation process will not respond.

  • Click the mouse and press the keys calmly, don't make haste. It takes MultiSet Automatic Installation milliseconds to remember your actions.

  • When you have to insert long registration keys or to choose a destination folder first set the focus to the editing field and press the 'Break' key.

  • The user is normally offered to open the 'readme' file (txt, html) and the application itself at the end of the installation process. Always uncheck these options!

  • The setup recording will start on the first mouse click or a pressed key, and will stop by clicking the button "Stop" at the control panel.

  • Before starting the installation process make sure that you have the rights of an administrator.

  • If you want to select a popup menu item, always select parent items and then the required item. For example, if you want the WordPad settings to appear, select "View" and then "Settings". If you select "Help" at first, and then move the cursor to "View" and click "Settings", an error will occur during the automatic installation.

  • Mouse moving and mouse wheel will be only recorded after a single mouse click. For example, if you want to drag a window to another place on the screen, click on the window bar first, and then drag it anywhere you want.

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