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Hundreds of customers in more than 80 countries: USA, Canada, Netherlands, Australia, Argentina, Belgium, Turkey, England, Hong Kong, Germany, Russia, Sweden, Jordan, Sloveniya, Spain, Ukraine, Korea, France, Holland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Poland, Chech, Greece, Japan, Danmark, Armenia, United Arabic Emirates, Serbiya...

  • Individual users
  • Small & medium businesses
  • Companies & Incorporations
  • Education & research institutes
  • Schools & colleges



At the moment 39638 businesses rely on Almeza MultiSet.

Below is a small sample of the organizations who use our product.

Intel Corporation (http://www.intel.com)   


Avantek Computer Ltd (http://www.avantek.co.uk/)  



ADB Siemens Company (http://www.industry.siemens.com/adb/en/) 


Visual Concept Entertainment (http://www.vce.com) 

Canon Schweiz AG (http://www.canon.ch)
computer software installation

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V. (http://www.mitsubishielectric.de/)

Mitsubishi Electric Europe B.V.

American Transport Group (http://atgfreight.com/)

automating software installation

Microchip Technology Designs Pvt. Ltd.


First State Bank of Altus (http://www.fsbaltus.com/)

automating software installation

Volksbank Offenburg (http://www.volksbank-offenburg.de/)

WGO TELECOM (http://www.wgo.com.br)
how to remotely install software

Rehabilitation Services Administration - DHS (http://dc.gov/)
Rehabilitation Services Administration - DHS

MVS Incorporated (MVS) (http://mvsconsulting.com/)
MVS Incorporated (MVS)

Trams Ltd (http://www.trams.co.uk/)
Trams Ltd

AHEC South Arkansas (http://www.ahecsa.uams.edu/)

Rothman Institute (http://www.rothmaninstitute.com/)

Marubeni (http://www.marubeni.com/)

Harpeth Technology Group (http://www.harpethtechnology.net/)
Unbound digital

Daetech Systems (UK) Limited (www.daetechsystems.co.uk)

Unbound Digital (http://www.unbounddigital.net/)
Unbound digital

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