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I have been using the previous version (6.5) and it has really save me a lot of time. I do new computer setups for my clients with about 30 free programs.
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Diaphonics (http://diaphonics.com/)
Unbound digital

El Paso Corp (http://elpaso.com/)
El Paso Corp


Bootsystems (http://bootsystems.nl/)
windows install cd

Zebra Graphic (http://zebra.si/)

Elliott Davis LLC (http://elliottdavis.com)

Focus Corporation (http://www.focus.ca/)

GT-Shop (http://www.gt-shop.be/)

New 42nd Street (http://new42.org/)

Wisecom Computer (http://www.wisecom.be/)
Wisecom Computer

Arcara & Borczynski, LLP (http://www.abllpcpa.com/)
Arcara & Borczynski, LLP

Papakura District Council (http://www.papakura.govt.nz/)

Alice Ottley School (http://www.thealiceottleyschool.co.uk/)

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