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One-click unattended Windows XP installation

Installing Windows XP is a fascinating thing for someone, but it is a routine for others. Anyway, it is possible to automate this process. So, is it possible to install Windows XP with just one mouse click? The answer is Yes! To do it, you should use the program Advanced Windows Unattended Installer that is really easy to use and absolutely free at the same time!

To create an automatic Windows installation disk, do the following:
Copy the contents of the Windows installation disk to the hard drive (for example, to the folder C:\AutoWin\)
Start Advanced Windows Unattended Installer and specify the path to the distribution package in the first field ("C:\AutoWin"). Leave the second field empty you will need it for the automatic installation of software/drivers/service packs right after the installation of the operating system.
  The Full name, Company, Computer name fields are specified automatically (of course, you can specify them manually), just enter your Product key and click the Create button.


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The automatic Windows installation distribution package is ready!

Now the installation of WindowsXP will no longer require your constant attendance!

You can spend this time on something more important!


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