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Automatic Windows and Software Install
If you work as a system administrator in an organization and maintain a lot of computers, you are sure to have come across the situation when you had to buy a consignment of computers and install all kinds of software on each of them. The direct consequence of such a situation is that you have to repeat a lot of routine operations change media in optical drives, enter registration data, follow the instructions of installation wizards.
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Almeza MultiSet - Smart Automatic Installer

Software allows you to install all necessary software automatically. Its functioning comes down to saving the operations of the user and reproducing all operations automatically later. Besides, you can create a universal disk for installing software from any media in the batch mode.
By default, the program contains an empty software database conventionally divided into three categories Internet, Multimedia and Utilities. You can use the settings of the program to add your items to the list or edit those already existing.
While creating a new scenario, you are offered to select the executable module of a software product, enter its title and give a brief description. After that Almeza MultiSet is switched to the mode of saving the user's operations. Any operations, mouse clicks on interface elements, entering data using the keyboard everything is saved to the installation scenario.
The developers point out that the user should not hurry while operations are being saved. All operations must be performed with a small delay. However, the reasonable fears were not confirmed. MultiSet perfectly saves operations that are performed even if you skillfully operate the mouse and the keyboard. Anyway, a regular person (not a superman) cannot perform operations with the minimum interval the program can detect operations at 20 ms.
After you finish installing the product, MultiSet saves all your operations and generates an unattended installation package for it. When you need to install the application again, it will be enough to select it in the list and click the "Install" button. Another interesting feature of the program is creating a universal installation disk. MultiSet moves all selected software products to a removable media and creates an automatic launch menu that you can use to manage software packages. You can install any programs separately or you can install all products in the batch mode with one operation. If you need to install a similar set of software on a lot of workstations, it is enough to create such a disk once and then just get computers ready for work automatically.
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